Apitisawin Employment & Training
A Taykwa Tagamou Nation Company
207 Sixth Street
Cochrane, Ontario, P0L 1C0
Phone; 705.272.2051
Fax:     705.272.2091
Toll Free 1.855.272.2051
Vision Statement
Progressively building opportunities within our Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal Communities.
Mission Statement
Empowering individuals with alternative education within our Training Centre for success in the competitive industry of today and the future.
Value Statement
Striving to provide a transparent and supportive environment with integrity, and respect for the benefit of individuals and community success.
Apitisawin Employment & Training
Apitisawin Employment & Training (1753596 Ontario Inc.) is a corporation incorporated under the Business Corporation Act of Ontario.  Apitisawin Employment & Training (AET) is a human resource development company located in Taykwa Tagamou Nation with a secondary office in the town of Cochrane, Ontario.  AET has expertise in a wide range of Human Resources areas and is currently targeting the explosive mining sector and natural resources' market.  AET's role with Taykwa Tagamou Nation corporations is to ensure that there is a fair and transparent procedure for all Taykwa Tagamou Nation to members to apply for training and employment.  We also provide services of receiving and posting of opportunities from our partners, local businesses and proponents in the growing mining and natural resource sectors to other First Nations and the general public.